In the context of finance, refers to compensation of dealers by sales finance companies for discounting installment purchase paper. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
In the context of contracts, refers to secret payments made to insure that the contract goes to a specific firm. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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kickback kick‧back [ˈkɪkbæk] noun [countable] informal
money that is paid secretly and dishonestly to obtain someone's help; = BRIBE:

• He is on trial for corruption and allegedly accepting kickbacks from businesses.

• He and his partner were charged with taking $300,000 in kickbacks in exchange for their political influence.

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kickback UK US /ˈkɪkbæk/ noun [C]
an amount of money that is secretly and illegally paid to someone in exchange for their help: »

He is accused of paying kickbacks to a district official to win contracts with the school system.

See Note CORRUPTION(Cf. ↑corruption)

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